PRITHAK, a turning point in my life.

PRITHAK, a turning point in my life.
It gives PRITHAK immense pleasure in introducing Ravi Kumar to you all. He is one of our few students who once studied in PRITHAK and What else will make someone proud of than witnessing that children who were once supported by PRITHAK now stood on his feet.
He says; PRITHAK is a turning point in my life. I learned a lot from PRITHAK and it is a place, where we can play, enjoy, spend our time with young talented children.
PRITHAK has played a very big role in my life for everything from English classes to Operations Manager. I am using skills in my current role at Reality Tours and Travel that I learned at PRITHAK.
Apart from his full-time job he is Pursuing Bachelor in Mass Communication from National Institute of Mass CommunicationNew Delhi, India.
"PRITHAK supported me to reach the first stair of becoming self-reliant, having a career direction, conversing in English and being respected by the larger society", says Ravi Kumar, a 19 years old resident of Sanjay Colony Slum cluster in Okhla Phase II, Delhi.
He loves this quote "Without your involvement, you can't succeed. With your involvement, you can't fail. " - A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.
In 2014, he came to PRITHAK for learning English. Later on he became a part of #SupportingHands (Supporting Members) Team.
Now, he is Research Coordinator in #SupportingMembers Team of PRITHAK and says I'm thankful of PRITHAK to have in my life and for changing my life.
At PRITHAK, we all are glad that you became a part of our Family. And, Congrats! on your selection for Research Coordinator at PRITHAK.
Good luck for future endeavors Ravi Kumar.