A new Class at PRITHAK


A new Class at PRITHAK
Group Discussion Class (GDC)
Time: 8:00PM-9:00PM | Days: Mon-Wed-Fri
GDC can follow in many differe...nt formats – from very informal ones between friends to highly structured and challenging discussions included as part of a selection process.
In both cases, there are a number of specific skills that we can help our students develop to become better able to contribute effectively to group discussions.
Why teach group discussion skills?
Developing group discussion skills are useful for everyday life as we regularly find ourselves having discussions amongst friends, family and colleagues. These may vary from very informal chats about day-to-day things, to more serious topics, for example a discussion about a recent news story or a problem that needs to be solved.
Additionally, group discussions are increasingly being used in the job market during interviews and selection procedures. These can take a variety of formats, but the key skills remain very similar.
Last but not least, group discussions offer an opportunity for extended speaking (and listening!) practice by all of the contributors. Group discussion practice and skill development is therefore useful for all students.
To Join the GDC, Please meet Chander Chauhan Akhilesh Sharma Vivek Pun Ramesh KD Archana Chowdhary Tara Khatri Meethi Sharma  Sunny G Singh Ajay Yadhuvansi Akhil Mandal  Mangal Singh